About Me

Photography is about exploring how we see the world around us. I started making photographs on 35mm black and white film using a Nikon F. While the technology has changed greatly, the heart of my photography is still about people. While I work primarily in dance and theater, I also enjoy environmental portraiture and weddings.

I have a long standing partnership with the Cincinnati Ballet, recording life in the company for many years. Dance is a wonderful challenge for a photographer. Ballet is an extremely demanding visual art form, combining athleticism and grace. Capturing the not only the technique but also the emotion is a life long journey for me.

The biggest performance role in most people’s lives is their wedding. I prefer a photojournalistic style in wedding photography, believing that I’m there to capture the moment, not choreograph it. While it is important to capture the expected images, I find that often its the unexpected ones that bring the most delight.